Last week’s Battle of the Bolt on ABC Melbourne has passed the mainstream media by, but there’s been plenty of reaction in cyberspace, led by this blog run by The Age’s computer writer Charles Wright, who has a fortnighly computer segment on Jon Faine’s program.

Then there’s this blog dedicated to tracking the feisty Herald Sun columnist. A fellow blogger actually went to the trouble of transcribing the three way debate between Bolt, Media Watch host Liz Jackson and yours truly from last Wednesday and it makes for interesting reading, starting about one-third down this page.

And check out the Media Watch item that Bolt was complaining about here.

Given that Bolt names and shames other commentators more than any other Australian journalist, he still hasn’t answered the question as to why he pulled his punches in naming the Sunday Herald Sun for whipping up Corby hysteria in this column.

After making a fool of himself on 774 last week, Bolt is not taking a backward step, claiming that Crikey’s modus operandi is to “preach untruths, malevolent gossip and fantasies to the under-achieving malcontents of the far Left and Right.”

Describing Australia’s most powerful email list (23,000 and rising fast) as “under-achieving malcontents of the far Left and Right” is classic Bolt and an insult to everyone who receives our daily missives, including 198 people with federal Parliament house email addresses more than 100 people inside the News Corp camp.