If there is anyone out in the suburbs, or villages, who knows nothing
about State of Origin – but still glances through the sports pages – he
or she would be forgiven for thinking tonight’s game is a singles
match… between the Blues Andrew Johns and the Maroons Carl Webb.

The attention the returning Blues hero, Johns, and the new Maroons
enforcer (and maybe bad boy), Webb, have received in the media over the last
week has been extraordinary. And quite over the top all round… but that’s the
way Origin generally is.

I have two hopes for Origin Two tonight: a close game, but not a draw
at fulltime so the dreadful “golden point” rule rears its ugly head again; and
a better deal for the millions who will watch on Channel Nine. Fewer “pop ups”,
timing ad breaks so no play is lost, and a balanced commentary team. Fat
chance, I suspect.

The full preview is on the site here.