ALP state president Brian Daley,
unionist Steve Roach and various factional players in the Left of the
Victorian ALP are continuing to crank up their PR campaign against the
Right in the absence of a preference deal ahead of the next round of
Federal preselections.

The latest piece of publicity is Roach’s
claim that someone dropped a bullet in his letterbox. This convenient
development played beautifully into the hands of the Left PR strategy
and Roach has been all over the media, even peering into his letterbox
looking at the bullet.

The Right yesterday hit back, accusing Roach of a set-up as you can see here.

attended the raucous ALP state conference last month, it’s worth noting
that Roach was probably the most feral and frenzied screamer in the
Left camp. There he was on his feet, gesticulating, screaming and
hurling abuse at the Right. At one point he even pulled out a megaphone
to ensure he was heard.

Anyone who breaches party rules and
takes a megaphone to state conference clearly wants to be heard and the
bullet incident has certainly proved to be far more effective than any
megaphone in ensuring that he’s now getting a big run, especially in The Age.

The man the Left is using for its campaign of smear and innuendo against the Right over branch stacking is The Age’s
relatively new but very experienced state political editor Paul Austin,
who has now written almost 20 stories based on Left claims about Right
branch-stacking over the past three months.

Here are just some of those efforts:

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– 15 June
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