Australian journalists are well known
for climbing the global ranks inside News Corporation (Col Allan,
Robert Thompson, etc) and CNN (Hugh Riminton, Stan Grant, Michael
Holmes, etc). But now we also seem to be doing better in business
journalism as well.

The Wall Street Journal has recently promoted former Hobart Mercury and AFR reporter Martin Peers to deputy editor of the media and marketing section, based in New York. Peers shared in a WSJ
Pullitzer a couple of years back and has come a long way from his first
gig in the 1980s writing for the Communist Party of Australia’s organ, The Tribune.

Peers might have a soft spot for Australians because the WSJ
yesterday announced the hiring of Melbourne boy Aaron Patrick to be its
London-based pan-European media and advertising reporter.

Patrick, 34, worked for the Herald Sun, Bloomberg and The AFR, where he was one of Glenn Burge’s bright young things who was quickly rewarded with a posting to New York in 2000.

Like so many others sent to New York by The AFR (Luke Collins, Alan Deans), he didn’t stick around when the posting was over and was poached by the WSJ from his current gig on the UK’s Daily Telegraph where he has covered business for the past nine months.

Australian journalists who’ve blazed the trail globally on business
journals include Michael Yiannakis (news editor for the Asian WSJ in Hong Kong), Richard McGregor (Beijing correspondent for The Financial Times) and Gwen Robinson (comment editor for The FT in London).

The other notable is roving correspondent Eric Ellis who strings for a variety of publications including Fortune from Asia. He too bailed from the Fin Review after a posting in the US. Ray Bashford’s long stint as business editor of The South China Morning Post ended a couple of years ago and another is Tony Tassell who helps write the prestigious Lex column for the FT and was the last business editor of The News in Adelaide, Rupert’s original newspaper, before it was closed in 1990 during the News Corp debt crisis.

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