Crikey’s global army has thrown up a few more names of Australian business journalists making it on the global stage.

First, there’s Nic Hopkins who has risen through the Murdoch ranks from The Advertiser and The Australian before joining CNN in Hong Kong and now The Times in London.

Then there’s David Lague, formerly of The AFR and The Sydney Morning
, who has recently been filling in as The International HeraldTribune’s business editor for the Asian region and is now its correspondent in Beijing.

Also on The IHT is Don Greenlees, formerly of The Australian, who travels throughout Asia writing mainly business yarns since losing his gig as South Korea correspondent for The Far Eastern Economic Review when Dow Jones closed it last year.

Then there’s Michael Dwyer, who used to be The AFR’s news editor and then China
correspondent and is now a fairly senior economics editor for Bloomberg
in Singapore who has a regional brief.

More information has come to light on that international man of mystery Eric Ellis, who is Fortune magazine’scontracted
correspondent in south-east Asia, but is allowed the freedom to offer
pieces elsewhere. For instance, Ellis has just produced this piece on Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf which ran in Fortune and The Bulletin.

Then there was this controversial commentary for The Spectator on
Schapalia, which has raised plenty of eye-brows given the spray Australians cop.

Finally, we should
correct yesterday’s item and point out that Aaron Patrick did return
from New York to spend a year in the Canberra press gallery before
resigning from The AFR three years ago to return to the US for his wife’s job.