Who says the union movement is no longer relevant? Crikey’s attention was drawn to the following extract from recent minutes of the NSW Labor Council.

From the Public Service Association of NSW:- advising
Unions NSW that former EMC employee Tim Brunero was a housemate on
reality TV show Big Brother. The Union said Com. Brunero when
asked a question about John Howard told it straight, the way it should
be told. As we enter into this campaign to protect the industrial
relations systems it was great to see a young worker so openly
supporting the trade union movement inside the house. The Union urged
all delegates to spread the word among their members and to turn to
your children and their friends for assistance to ensure that Com.
Brunero stays on Big Brother and makes it to the end – a victory that would be for all of us.

Com. J Robertson moved the Executive Recommendation: –

That the correspondence be received and Unions NSW encourage affiliates to evict any of the other housemates except Tim Brunero.

Com. S Turner seconded.


So that’s what the funds for the workers’ struggle are used for.