Eccentric entertainer Michael Jackson has been acquitted of all charges as his four-month trial comes to an end.

The New York Times
calls Jackson’s complete acquittal “a stinging defeat for a retiring
prosecutor who had spent more than a decade pursuing the singer on
paedophilia accusations.”

Slate says two different narratives emerged from the Jackson trial:

The prosecution’s story was that Jackson finds vulnerable
families, often headed by single mothers, with whom he enters into an
implicit bargain: give me your son to sleep with (and fondle), and I’ll
buy you a Cartier bracelet, take you to the Caribbean, and (in one
instance) put you on my payroll.

In the defence’s version, the gold-digging families seek out Jackson,
and the bargain is an innocent one: Michael embraces your family as his
own, which, no big deal, means letting your son share a bed with him.

But Slate concludes that parents need not be too worried about
Jackson going unpunished as it isn’t a case of a sex offender getting
off and roaming around, free to strike unawares. “It’s a case about
Michael Jackson getting off and roaming around, free to strike only
because a few parents hand over their kids to him.”

also has some legal reaction to the Jackson verdict, including Robert
Shapiro, the defence attorney from OJ Simpson’s murder trial who

The jury did not come up with a compromise verdict, which a
lot of people would suspect if they just wanted to give the prosecution
something. The jury clearly has told the prosecution: ‘This was a case
you probably should not have brought.’ The little boy’s
credibility was probably nonexistent to this jury, coupled with the
mother who offered testimony that bordered on the bizarre.

For those who are interested in detail, The Smoking Gun
has obtained a copy of the complete 1,903-page grand jury transcript
including Jackson’s indictment and the testimony of 41 witnesses,
including the alleged victim, his younger brother, sister, and

say that now Jacko has been acquitted, one of the first things he must
do is get his business and financial affairs in order because he faces a
debt load of about $340 million and dwindling prospects for generating
new sources of income.

Then there’s and for those who still want more Wacko Jacko.