Sport has a way of throwing up examples of the most amazing hypocrisy and people talking a load of self-serving rot, but seldom do you see it on such idiotic display as the full 180% turn in just a matter of days as expressed by that bastion of boxing’s finer virtues – Jeff Fenech.

Last week, Fenech and his dud heavyweight boxing pal Mike Tyson both saw fit to be highly critical of Kosta Tszyu for failing to come out for one final round in his epic world title fight in Manchester against challenger Ricky Hatton. Trainer Johnny Lewis threw in the towel to declare his champion’s fight was over, and later cited his decision as being purely based on protecting his fighter’s health, and mindful of keeping a promise to Kosta’s wife he would not let him be placed in harm’s way unnecessarily.

Yet all that counted for nothing when Fenech and Tyson launched their cheap shots from the other side of the Atlantic as Fenech prepared Tyson for yet another desperate comeback to revive his fast fading career at the weekend. “The fight was in the balance. You’re a fighter. You don’t quit on the stool,” Fenech opined in dissing Tszyu’s failure to battle on.

Fast forward to Tyson’s inglorious weekend exit when he sat on his stool and didn’t come out for the sixth round against an opponent Tyson and most boxing experts considered a bum, and whom Tyson earlier promised to “gut like a fish.” What’s not now in dispute is that Tyson lacked the ticker or the petrol in the tank to continue, as he remained stuck on his stool.

Yet Fenech later claimed he stopped the fight because: “I promised Mike’s ex-wife Monica and his kids I wouldn’t let Mike get hurt,” while admitting he had even thought of calling it quits for Tyson as early as the fourth round.

When it comes to stools – few in boxing can top either Fenech or Tyson!