Twice in two days Sydney‘s Daily Telegraph has published a picture of
a nine-year-old girl on its front page on the thin excuse she may be the
missing girl Teagan Lane. From the photographs it would seem the paper hasn’t had permission. The child’s parents have rejected the claim that
she’s the missing girl, so how could the paper publish these photos of
an under-age person?

Here’s the latest story
from today’s paper with the curious headline: “Family fights to save
their little girl.” The girl and her parents live in Queensland, so
that could be the out for the paper. Tegan Lane supposedly disappeared
two days after being born nine years ago and her mother says she gave
the child to a man called Morris or Norris. An inquest is due to start

The paper had no
right to publish her picture. A grubby effort by the paper and newbie
editor, David Penberthy.