At a recent Nine Network lunch, man of the
moment Sam Chisholm observed that not all the men at the table were
wearing ties and made some pointed comments. Now, according to Nine
staffers, Chisholm has introduced the following rules at the network:

1. Closing office doors is now banned; all office doors must be left open.

2. No-one is to eat lunch at their desk. One must eat lunch in the Nine canteen or off-site.

3. All men must wear ties.

4. Women face a random shoe-check and, when necessary, will be given advice on more appropriate footwear.

No-one is to use the boardroom – except for Sam Chisholm, head
programmer Michael Healy, CFO Brent Cubis and chief operating officer
Ian Audsley.

And Nine’s head lawyer (general counsel) Stewart Thomas is now
considered to have a problem. He drives a Porsche Boxster, and Sam
Chisholm hates Porsches.