It’s the NSW Labor Party that’s supposed to brawl over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend – but the local Libs seem to running a rival Wrestlemania.

Now that it appears that Jihadists won’t try to get the federal party presidency, new fights are beginning over independent state president Geoff Selig and newbie state director Graham Jaeschke.

The Jaeschke white ants have voracious appetites. He’s out of his depth, has lost the confidence of opposition leader John Brogden, his staff, the parliamentary party and the state executive, and there’s speculation about how he’ll cope with both state and federal elections. The rank and file are wising up to the problem – if you believe the gos. Poor bloke. He’s only been there a matter of weeks.

The stories say he’ll keep his job – but that the PM’s and Brogden’s offices will take away most of the state director’s duties.

The right see considerable opportunity here. If the federal secretariat takes over all responsibility for the next federal election, things should be fine. But the Right hopes that it will be able to manipulate Jaeschke, push Selig and tilt the state preselection process in its favour, get enough of its people chosen as candidates – no matter what the consequences are – and then replace Brogden when the internal divisions result in yet another Liberal loss.