With Origin Two just six days away, Phil Gould’s pivotal role on Nine’s
commentary team is again coming into focus.

In today’s Australian, Patrick Smith
has given Eddie “Everywhere” McGuire a sizeable touch-up under the
headline “It’s
there in black and white, McGuire has hijacked the AFL.” It’s well
worth a read because of the similarities with Phil Gould’s influence in rugby

The complaints about Phil Gould don’t just come from Maroons’
supporters. His Roosters bias attracts plenty of comment as well. We
cannot expect that all commentators will be “neutral” since most are
former players or coaches. All viewers want is
some “balance” and a reasonable dose of “fairness.”

Aussie rules viewers don’t get it with McGuire, and league fans don’t
get it with Gould.

The full story is on the site here.