We’re back on politicians and cars
– how could we not be after this paragraph in former opposition leader
John Hewson’s latest column in the FinReview:

When I was employed by the International Monetary Fund in
the early 1970s, and working a couple of hundred metres from the White
House, I lived and breathed the Watergate crisis. Almost every day, as
I drove to work past the White House in my 1960 VW with black racing
stripes, I inevitably wound down the window and screamed, “Impeach the

A Volksy with racing stripes? If only Hewie had
bought a Porsche instead of the famous Ferrari. Then he could have
simply said that he had gone from one German sports car to another.
That may have made things easier. The Ferrari never went down that well
with punters.

What is it with Hewson and cars? This is the bloke
who admitted to owning a Leyland P-76. That may well have destroyed his
chances of ever being prime minister. Who’d trust the judgment of
anyone who’d bought a lemon like that? No wonder Fightback! unravalled.

Baptist boys aren’t supposed to carry on this way. Then again, Hawkie was a son of the manse.