Controversial “agent” Anthony Zammit doesn’t look like he’ll be making
anything out of his so-called Rob Astbury “documentary,” after TodayTonight saw a couple of minutes of vision for free, which put
the lie to Derryn Hinch’s claims that Graham Kennedy died of an AIDS-related illness.

Meanwhile, a subscriber in Adelaide has placed Hinch’s Mt Macedon drinking mate in another media botch up:

For a day or two, I’ve been straining my brain to
remember where Anthony Zammit made his mark in my consciousness… and suddenly it came to me.

A couple of years ago, Wayne (The King, the Duck,
the Adulterer) Carey was in hot water during his spell with the Adelaide
Crows for his alleged involvement in a boisterous spa party at the Grand
Hotel at Glenelg.

The issue grew and grew, despite denials by Carey
and the Crows, thanks to statements a young lass made to certain national
publications, which she later recanted.

However it reached its high or low, depending on
your view, when on Channel 10 News in Adelaide one night, Anthony
Zammit introduced himself as Carey’s
lawyer… and then proceeded to hijack two minutes of live air time by
reading a statement basically threatening to sue everyone on the
planet, if they dared mention a bad word about Carey ever again.

A thoughtful observer could be forgiven for
thinking Zammit had “mug” written all over him… as he stared pointedly down
the lens and delivered his diatribe in the most outrageously bombastic
and pretentious manner imaginable.

Ten Adelaide’s sports presenter, Mark Aiston is
renowned for his sense of humour… but he topped all his previous best
efforts getting Zammit on that night. Nice to see my suspicions about Zammit on the night
weren’t wasted.