Two correspondents have taken issue with my reporting of Green MP Deb Foskey’s determination to bludge on ACT taxpayers and keep her public house. At the risk of encouraging a proxy debate with Foskey via her allies on the Left, let me respond by simply asking: who would ACT taxpayers rather see in public housing: an MP getting $100,000+ a year or someone enduring the waiting list with very limited assets and low income?

There are 4,000 people on Housing ACT’s waiting list. Six millionaires and at least one MP are taking up some of that space. Foskey and her friends talk of paying “market rent” and the need for more public and affordable housing. And the government certainly needs to find a more sustainable source of revenue than market renters determined to stay on the public housing gravy train at the expense of genuinely needy citizens.

This is the ultimate middle class welfare rort, being perpetuated by a selfish Green apparently unable to see beyond her own interests. Think global, squat local? Meanwhile, ACT chief minister Jon Stanhope must be laughing; nurturing a Green who supports his policy of public housing for life – regardless of need, merit or capacity to rent privately.

Foskey’s setting herself up for a very interesting challenge at the next election from an enterprising candidate who can genuinely see the community’s interest in this. You can read all this and more in a robust debate here or email [email protected]