Has cereal maker Kellogg’s ditched controversial shock-jock Derryn
Hinch as the face of All-Bran?

An anonymous subscriber writes to Crikey:

I was in an inner city Sydney Coles supermarket on
Wednesday afternoon buying some groceries and in the cereal aisle I
noticed that all the Kellogg’s All-Bran bearing Derryn Hinch’s face
were being unloaded from the shelves. I asked the clerk why and he
replied orders from above as they’d stopped selling. Poor Derryn, it’s
enough to give him the sh*ts!

Crikey popped down to the local Safeway supermarket this morning to
check if All-Bran was still stocked, and our intrepid trench-coated
reporter found the cereal aisle still had both the small and large
packets on display. When our sleuth quizzed the grocery manager, he
revealed the store had had no word from head office about a recall and
no complaints from shoppers.

We asked Hinch if he knew about the slow-selling All-Bran. He replied:

News to me. They ran the Hinch commercial on TV in Sydney
last night. Anyway, I would not tailor my editorials for a breakfast
cereal no matter what it costs me financially.

Crikey also put in a call to Kellogg’s, but the breakfast cereal giant
has been slow to react and we’re still waiting to hear back from its
official spokesperson.