Reader Andrew Farrell follows yesterday’s glossary of art terminology with one on business:

Step up to the plate: To do good.

Touch base: Pick up the phone and say hello.

Give the heads up: As above.

Utilise: A fancy way of saying Œuse¹.

Regroup and move forward: Basically means things have been shithouse.

Implement: An impressive way of saying Œdo¹.

Value-add: A good thing.

Inter-office visitation schedule: My personal favourite, its meaning is
obvious enough, but how grand does it sound?

Empower: getting someone else to do it.

Guerrila Marketing: No promo budget.

Put our thinking caps on: What is this? Fricken Playschool?

At the coalface: On the frontline.

On the frontline: At the coalface.

Guns blazing: Operating in a mad panic.

Corporate Direct: Not sure, perhaps it¹s similar to Danoz Direct?

Kicked into gear: Not operating terribly well until now.

Move forward on that: Haven¹t done it yet.


ps… keep up the good work, im a recent subscriber (sucker for a free hat
and dvd!) and enjoy every moment of crikey


Andrew Farrell