Chivalry is not dead. Two 2UE reporters have jumped to the defence
of their 2GB rival, Rachael Stevens, after we ran an item which
suggested she’d been drinking before she collapsed this week.

Clinton Maynard writes:

just like to clarify a story I believe you guys are running about 2GB
reporter Rachael Stevens’s collapse at State Parliament. I understand
you are giving the impression that she passed out as a result of having
a big night or being pissed. Seriously, that is a load of crap, as a
2UE’s state political reporter I’m not one to immediately jump to the
defence of 2GB, however I must set the record straight. Rachael
attended a drinks function hosted by opposition leader John Brogden the
night before her collapse. I was with her, we both left early after
only about an hour, perhaps about 7:45pm. She’d had maybe two drinks,
that’s hardly a big night. I was also with her when she collapsed and
raised the alarm. I can assure you it was not as a result of being
drunk. She hadn’t eaten anything since lunchtime the day before, she
has had a similar problem with low blood pressure previously as well. I
think an apology to Rachael would be appropriate.

Another 2UE reporter writes:
Guys – I work for 2UE and owe 2GB
no favours, but I was at the function at Parliament House the night
before Rach Stevens collapsed. She left very early and wasn’t pissed.
Many journos stayed drinking until almost midnight. Rach left around
9-ish. Pretty unfair to rip into her like that without checking. It’s
my understanding she was convulsing on the ground when she collapsed.
Maybe a bit of sympathy instead of having a go guys? She’s a good
journo and doesn’t deserve that.