Vas Kontis was having a good day on Tuesday. The producer of Channel Nine’s Kerry-Anne Kennerley Show, which has been doing well since he took over earlier this year, was nearing the end of the first of two KAK shows that are pre-recorded on Tuesdays when he got the call.

He was asked to go an see the network’s chief operating officer Ian Audsley. Pointing out that he was midway through a two show pre-record, Kontis said he would see Audsley after the second show was finished. But Audsley’s office was insistent: “He wants to see you now.”

As he wandered up to Audsley’s office, Kontis, who’s a contractor, assumed he was about to be made full-time or even given more money. He certainly wasn’t expecting what happened next, as Audsley and Nine CFO Brent Cubis informed him he was sacked, without explanation.

Kontis went off to the Nine staff’s local pub in Willoughby, the Bridgeview, where he was consoled by staff from the Kennerley program and others from the network.

“Vas was sacked for doing his job,” one Nine staffer told Crikey. “Vas was sacked while doing the job he was paid for and doing it well!”

That’s life thesedays at the TV network that calls itself “Still the One”.