Derryn Hinch must now be wishing he’d
never met Anthony Zammit at the Mt Macedon pub in the 1990s. After
Hinch was completely done over on Today Tonight on Tuesday, his drinking partner Zammit himself copped it in the neck from A Current Affair’s most notorious attack dog, Martin King, last night.

“Grubby isn’t it?” said host Ray Martin after ACA
led with the story that finished with Martin King screaming at Zammit
and slamming his taped interview with Kennedy’s former lover Rob
Astbury into the concrete floor in the car park at Melbourne airport
after the media scrum chased the two men for several minutes.

and Zammit are former business partners and have been acting in concert
throughout this sordid saga. Far from supporting Hinch’s claim that
Kennedy died of an AIDS-related illnes, Astbury discredited them. The
former leading Melbourne television sports reporter revealed on
Zammit’s tape that he contracted the HIV virus in his new home of
Thailand two years ago, yet he hadn’t seen Kennedy for ten years and
hadn’t spoken to him in the past five years.

How on earth would
Astbury know anything about Kennedy’s health? For some reason,
presumably a need for some cash, he has allowed himself to be
interviewed by both Zammit and Hinch, and now he’s one of the biggest
losers from the whole affair, turning up in Melbourne yesterday only to
be embarrassed by association with his so-called agent Zammit.

Martin King showed some grabs from the so-called Astbury “documentary” on ACA
last night, but gloated that he didn’t pay a cent for it. Zammit
presumably wasn’t organised enough to lock in the legals to ensure his
hot interview couldn’t be “borrowed” like this. If only more tabloid TV
hacks would turn on grubs trying to sell their story.

Hinch has
been warned not to associate with Zammit, who also loves nothing more
than a long, boozy lunch in which he dreams of taking over the world.

lads haven’t been able to get themselves organised in the past. Back in
the 1990s, they dreamt up a scheme to have a reworked version of
Derryn’s 1970s book on Scrabble included in the Millenium edition of
the global game. Sadly, they bumbled and stumbled their way through and
Mattel eventually walked as the promises and deadlines were continually
not met.

Hinch spent the first half of hour of yesterday’s 3AW
Drive program attempting to debunk the claims by Garry Priggs,
President of the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre, that the Human
Headline had massively under-delivered on all his rhetoric. It sounds
like both sides have been bending the truth a little and Hinch was
supported by the Herald Sun’s Andrew Bolt who produced the following column yesterday..