Today the CRW List reaches 75 names missed by BRW, but we’re starting to scratch around for new entries so keep the emails coming to [email protected] as 100 names remains a stretch target. Here are today’s five additions to the Crikey Revised Wealth list:

Frank Seeley:
Adelaide’s “Mr Cool” invented and developed the world’s first all
plastic, non-corrosive evaporative cooler in the 1970s. Today, his
privately-owned company
has an annual turnover of $100 million, directly employs 450 people,
exports to 75 countries and owns subsidiaries in the US, France, Spain,
and Asia.

Dyer family: The decendents of Nick and Tony
Dyer have collectively owned the licence to manufacturer Sealy
mattresses and house brand bedding in Australia for more than 60 years.
The family owns all Sealy manufacturing plant and equipment and
buildings in most Australian states as well as extensive property
holdings in Brisbane. The acquisition in the early 1980s of the licence
to manufacture Sealy mattresses and bedding in China must have
ballooned their wealth well above BRW’s $110 million cut-off.

Peter “Talky” Newton:
Was a mining broker for County NatWest in the 1980s. After that, he put
pre-float seed money into Hill 50 Gold in the 1990s and made a small
fortune when South Africa’s Harmony Gold took it over. Then put
pre-float seed money into Abelle Ltd which was also profitably sold to
Harmony. Last year his big profitable play was Bluestone Tin and in the
1990s he also made a big gain investing in a funds management outfit.
Also had a large stake in Sydney Gas and a horse stud as you can see here.

Rob Pitterino:
The former County Natwest stockbroker, now based in Monaco, has
invested in most of the profitable ventures that his close mate Peter
Newton has enjoyed, including Hill 50 Gold, Abelle Ltd, Bluestone Tin
and Sydney Gas.

Schumann family: Big players in the
resort business who have spent $40 million upgrading the Silver Star
Mountain Resort in Canada since buying it in 2001 and a further $128
million upgrading the Big White resort in Canada in recent months.

And we received this correction from a reader yesterday:
wrong on the Neumanns. They’re actually part of my wife’s family
(unfortunately a bit too far removed for us to get anything out of
it!). They were in BRW this year and have been every year I’ve checked (ever since I found out about this untapped source of wealth amid the outlaws).