The latest green shoot, the
Australian Environmental Foundation, launched on Sunday, has received
an interesting “christening present” from what it calls “the
establishment Australian Conservation Foundation” – a solicitor’s
letter trying to prevent the launch.

Is the ACF trying to impose
a monoculture? Strangling a young seedling? Keeping the offshoots
trimmed back? Make sure that life is just a bed of roses – or at least
a comfy duopoly – for themselves and the WWF?

Is there some
shrubhugger subtlety we’re missing here or what? A spectacular spit
seems to be on. Have a look at the new boys’ and girls’ media release here.

AEF spokesperson Kersten Gentle said that the AEF is a
grassroots environmental organisation which stresses an evidence-based
approach to the environment and wants to ensure that scarce resources
are directed to areas of most need.

“There is precious little
money available for the environment as it is. We shouldn’t be wasting
what is available lining the pockets of intellectual property lawyers.”

Gentle said that the ACF was alleging a Trademark Infringement on the
basis of the name of the new organisation and its emblem.

the ACF believe that they are the only ones entitled to use the words
Australian and Foundation and anyone else using them is trying to “pass
themselves off” as the ACF.”

Ouch! Some green shoots have prickles. Others are poisonous.