For the first time in two weeks we didn’t receive a single new name for the CRW (Crikey Revised Wealth) List over the past 24 hours, so let’s get this show back on the road and renew the push to reach 100 names missed by BRW, which claims to list the 200 Australians who are worth more than $110 million. It’s now time for the Crikey army to dob in a few more of their wealthy mates to [email protected]. Meanwhile, here are the latest five names, all of which credible additions:

Tab Fried: First leapt into the public eye after losing money on lippy queen Poppy King, but has a large property portfolio including a one third interest in the giant Eureka Tower at Southgate in Melbourne, one of the largest residential towers in the world.

Nonda Katsalidis: Melbourne architect in vogue and also has a one-third interest in the giant Eureka Tower. However, a recent divorce did take a chunk out of his fortune.

Neumann family:BRW really shouldn’t have missed this one as the company website states quite openly this Gold Coast family turns over $150 million a year with 600 staff operating a diverse range of trading businesses.

Ahrens family: With the steel industry booming, this 100-year-old Adelaide-based family company is thriving through its engineering and steel fabrication business that employs 200 staff.

Rockman family: Irvin Rockman is the former Melbourne Lord Mayor who got out of the hotel business in the 1990s and together with son Matt Rockman has made more than $100 million from the recent float of online classified advertising business