TOM CRUISE: Yeah. My children are Australian. Absolutely. Absolutely. I have a lot of friends in Australia. I love Australia.

PETER OVERTON: Was Nicole the love of your life?

TOM CRUISE: What do you mean, Peter?

PETER OVERTON: You were married for 10 years.

TOM CRUISE: Listen, we raised children, I … you know … I mean, how
do you answer that question? She’s someone that I … I plan on getting
married again.


TOM CRUISE: Absolutely, yeah.

PETER OVERTON: And having kids?

TOM CRUISE: Absolutely.

PETER OVERTON: But Nicole was a major part of your life and a love of your life at the time?

TOM CRUISE: I loved Nic very much, there’s no question.

PETER OVERTON: Would you like Nicole to remarry?

TOM CRUISE: Yes. I want Nicole to be happy. That’s what I want.

PETER OVERTON: And do you have a relationship where you talk — a
parenting relationship — and talk professionally about each other’s…

TOM CRUISE: Listen, here’s the thing, Peter. You’re stepping over a line now. You’re stepping over a line, you know you are.

PETER OVERTON: I suppose they’re questions that people want to know.

TOM CRUISE: Peter, you want to know. Take responsibility for what you
want to know. Don’t say what other people… This is a conversation that
I’m having with you right now. So I’m just telling you right now, okay,
just put your manners back in.

PETER OVERTON: Do you think I was out of line?

TOM CRUISE: Yes, absolutely.

PETER OVERTON: Well, I apologise for that sincerely.

TOM CRUISE: Good, good.

What Peter, or Sixty Minutes DIDN’T tell you was Peter and Tom had in
fact met before. The Kidmans and the Overtons are old friends. Peter
even went to Tom and Nicole’s wedding. Peter and Nicole grew up
together, and their families are close.

Could Tom have sniffed that Peter was a little on Nic’s side and naturally felt defensive?

Shouldn’t Peter have fessed up before or after the interview to the viewers at home?

Luckily, Peter is just about the nicest bloke in the industry, although
his blurb on the ninemsn website is a bit over the top, calling him
“cool under pressure”. His nickname at Nine when he worked in sport was

Best regards and keep up the great work.