Derryn Hinch’s days on 3AW are surely numbered after last night’s demolition job on Today Tonight. Fresh
from attempting to tear down Australia’s greatest TV legend Graham
Kennedy, Hinch now finds himself in a damaging PR battle with a
charity, something he surely can’t win.

The bearded burbler was placed on notice by Sunday Herald Sun editor Alan Howe that he would be sacked if he didn’t apologise in this week’s column. Howe made his threat on Today Tonight, which also interviewed the head of the charity which has dumped Hinch, as you can see from this online report yesterday.

Today Tonight
reporter Jacqui Quist also demolished the credibility of Anthony
Zammit, the colourful Essendon character who Hinch sent to Thailand to
interview Rob Astbury, Kennedy’s former lover who’s HIV positive.

claimed that her colleagues have seen the “documentary” and dismissed
it as a 15-minute rave where Astbury, who is due back in Australia
today, simply outs a bunch of footballers and media identities who he
claims are gay.

Crikey first came across Zammit in 1990 when he
claimed to be an auctioneer putting together a bid to buy the North
Melbourne Football Club at a time when Tricontinental was trying to
sell its shares and Carlton was circling. He was full of hot air then,
as he is now.

Zammit and Hinch will soon be able to return to
their favourite pub at Mount Macedon for long sessions where they can
dream about taking over the world.

3AW surely can’t retain him
after the misleading attack on the The Cerebral Palsy Education Centre,
in which Hinch told his listeners he raised $800,000 a year. The truth
was closer to $5,000 and Hinch only ever visited the centre twice and
one of those occasions was for a publicity shoot for Dancing with the Stars.

My prediction is that Hinch’s CV will read as follows within the next few days:

1960-62: Reporter for The Taranaki Herald:resigned
1962: Reporter for The Christchurch Star for eight months: resigned
1962: Reporter for the Waikato Times for three months: sacked
1963-65: Police reporter for the Sydney Sun:resigned
1965: Reporter for the Taranaki Herald for three months: sacked
1966: Covered Commonwealth Games in Jamaica for United Press International
1966-75: Fairfax bureau chief in New York
1976-77: Editor of the Sydney Sun:resigned
1978: 3XY announcer for nine months: sacked
1979-87: Host of 3AW morning show: resigned
1982-83: Host of Beauty and the Beast on Channel Seven: sacked
1988-1991: Host of Hinch on Seven: sacked
1992-93: Host of Hinch on Channel Ten: sacked
1994: Host of The Midday Show on Channel Nine: sacked
1995: Contracted to Nine for TV specials and documentaries: sacked
1996: Host of 2GB morning show: sacked
1997: Gold FM commentator: sacked
1998: Host of 5DN breakfast show: sacked
1999: Worked for own sports management company Hinch International, now Hi-Sports
2000: Host of 3AW’s Nightline: sacked
2001: Host of 3AK morning show: sacked
2002: Host of 3AK morning show: sacked (via email)
2003-05: Host of 3AW drive show: sacked

(To save you adding them up, that = 14 sackings so far, with one more on the horizon).

And Hinch responds:
Do you really think I would risk a ratings crash on 3AW with a
controversial story about the most popular TV entertainer to help Rob
Astbury? Gimme a break. My Kennedy editorial had no collusion from
Astbury or his manager Anthony Zammit. It is true Zammit and I used to
be in a sports management business together. It proves the adage:
conspiracy theories are usually just stuff-ups.