The Australian
leads with the Howard Government’s backflip on plans to send nuclear waste to an island because of fears it could fall into the hands of terrorists and prove too difficult to transport. And respected indigenous leader Lowitja O’Donoghue has attacked Noel Pearson for endorsing the PM’s new approach to reconciliation claiming John Howard’s speech was “full of weasel words.”

The Sydney Morning Herald
leads with the fugitive Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin who has been discouraged from applying for asylum by Australia since his defection from the Chinese consulate 11 days ago. The paper also reports that mothers are the new road menace due to the unreliable public transport system which forces them to run their errands in the car.

The Age has an “EXCLUSIVE” on the problems in the Victorian juvenile justice system after the paper’s own “INVESTIGATION”. And one of Victoria’s biggest shipwrecks the TSS Kanowna, which sank in Bass Strait after hitting a rock off Wilsons Promontory in 1929, has been found by an ocean exploration team.

The Daily Telegraph also splashes with an ‘EXCLUSIVE” – on the “school sex furore” at a Sydney school where students were asked to imagine they lived in a world dominated by homosexuals and lesbians. And The Tele reports that Centrelink workers take twice as many sick days as other employees, even though it is their job to crack down on welfare recipients who refuse to work.

The Herald Sun leads with the $500 million bill the Bracks Government has run up on consultants according to the paper’s own “investigation.” And the 79-year-old founder of the Australian Democrats, Don Chipp, is on life support in a Melbourne hospital suffering from pneumonia.

The Courier-Mail reports that no money has been set aside in tomorrow’s state Budget for the health reforms expected to be recommended by the inquiry into Queensland’s “Dr Death.” The Mercury reports that one of 20 defendants in the $6.3m lawsuit brought against environmentalists by timber company Gunns Ltd has won Australia’s major environmental award. The Advertiser reports that a form of round worm parasite not seen in SA waters for about a decade has been killing South Australia’s dolphins. And The West reports that West Australians have overwhelmingly given the thumbs down to the proposal by the WA Football Commission to rename Subiaco Oval as Anzac Field.

And from the US, Newsweek today reports that Saddam Hussein’s closest aides are “singing like a canary.” Some of Saddam Hussein’s most notorious former lieutenants have been dishing dirt, especially about the UN Oil-for-Food deals, says the magazine.