The successful Gold Coast Rugby League 16th expansion team licence
holder has now joined in with a campaign by the Gold Coast Bulletin
started on Saturday and continued in the paper today, demanding
that city’s council get off its bum and as the Bully puts it: “Buy us
a field of dreams” instead of dragging the chain.

Despite the council and the consortium being in agreement that a Robina
site owned by the Robina Land Corporation (RLC), was the outstanding
candidate for the new NRL stadium, The Bulletin claimed on Saturday
that negotiations had not yet even begun to purchase the land. This
was confirmed by the RLC chief executive Richard Wyatt, who said he had
not heard from the council in months.

Also adding to the confusion over the stadium development was a claim
by a Gold Coast developer in Crikey on Friday, that the stadium land
under consideration at Robina was in fact owned by the Queensland government.

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