The Herald Sun produced a story yesterday which attempted to provide third party corroboration for Derryn Hinch’s claim that Graham Kennedy died of an AIDS-related illness. Anthony Zammit was described as being the agent for Kennedy’s lover of 20 years, Rob Astbury.

“I think to some large extent Hinch will be vindicated,” Zammitt claimed, as he attempted to flog his television interview with Astbury, who does have AIDS, to the highest bidder.

What wasn’t disclosed was the long business relationship between Zammit and Hinch, who used to operate a speakers and celebrity management agency together. The two would enjoy long drinking sessions together at a pub in Mt Macedon, dreaming about taking on the world when both were down in the dumps.

They even got close to doing a deal with a global game show company at one point, but were too disorganised to pull it off.

The cycle now appears to be as follows. Hinch claims Kennedy has AIDS and in the process outs Rob Astbury as both being Kennedy’s lover and having AIDS. Hinch’s former business partner then becomes Astbury’s agent and attempts to trade off the publicity by selling Astbury’s story.

The Herald Sun, which continues to endorse Hinch by retaining him as a Sunday columnist, should have disclosed the Zammit business connection in yesterday’s paper.