David Oldfield might be waiting a while before he’s back at branch meetings of the Manly Libs, but it’s probably just as well. The party went into meltdown, with finger pointing and phones ringing all over the place, after Crikey’s reporting last week.

Many of the new conservative members of the state executive are devout folk. They feel things more – especially twinges of conscience. Some seem to have been guilty of the sin of pride. And envy. They’ve been out boasting how important they are – and are now being accused of leaking.

VP Nick Campbell has been busy keeping them under control, while former big fish are having trouble adjusting to their new role as small fry. It’s been particularly interesting to watch the manoeuvres of a few of the new star players:

Jai Rowell, the warlord of the west and Charlie Lynn staffer, hasn’t been distracted from his busy branch recruiting schedule in outer Sydney – and his quest to win John Ryan’s spot in the Legislative Council.

• Country warlord Holly Nolan, the Bill Heffernan staffer who joined forces with Rhondda Vanzella to get the right into Women’s Council, is making sure that nothing will interrupt her plans to succeed her boss.

• And Jeff Egan, the local government warlord from the Blue Mountains, hasn’t kept his eye on the local federal seat of Macquarie.

State Young Liberal president and David Clarke staffer Alex Hawke just keeps powering on – will he get Mitchell when Alan Cadman finally goes? – and speculation still surrounds Vanzella. Could she really get the federal presidency when Shane Stone goes? Would the PM let her? Would the right really try to steamroll him?