I read with interest today Hugo Kelly’s comments about my housing situation. I do
not remember Mr Kelly ever approaching me about this or any other

Linking it
to the pay rise is a long shot – I first learned of this decision when I read my Canberra Times
this morning. The Remuneration Tribunal makes a recommendation which is then adopted by
the Government without the Assembly playing any role. This is

As for my
housing, it is ACT Government policy that tenants have security of tenure.
Indeed, me leaving my house will do less for the needy people Mr Kelly probably has in mind
than staying in it. Paradoxical I know, but the 13% of tenants who pay market
rent contribute $19 million towards housing. Attacking me for paying market rent
on my home a few months after election, and then linking it to a
rise I do not support, is really an attack on
the Government’s policy of secure housing
for all public housing tenants.

At the
moment my rent goes into building, purchasing and maintaining more homes for
people who need them. Under the Liberals’ policy, it would go to
a private
landlord and do nothing for affordable housing.

We need
more public and other affordable housing – there is no other way we can tackle the