The CRW (Crikey
Revised Wealth) List is set to continue until at least the end of this
week as the new names continue to pour into [email protected]
Today’s five are a very eclectic group as we lift our count to 65:

Richard Rubin:
A member of Australia’s spectacularly successful South African Jewish
community who has a business called Panache World based in Melbourne’s
eastern suburbs. In South Africa 20 years ago he invented the in-built
hairdryers and mini clothes dryers that are now in hotels around the
world. He was a millionaire by 21, first Rolls Royce at 22, first jet
by 25, a 737 by 30, followed by three heart attacks by 32. Wow, he
really packs it in, and there seems to be a different luxury car parked
outside his company headquarters every time you drive past.

Garrick Hawkins:
Was managing partner at Bain & Co (now Deutsche Bank) at a very
early age, making the likes of the current ASX chairman Maurice Newman
very wealthy structuring tax efficient leasing deals. By the mid 1980s
he was just 35 and reportedly worth $50 million, but left Bain under
difficult circumstances due to personality clashes and established his
own firm called Matrix, which won a few deals worth billions which made
him serious money with fees of 2-4% on each deal. He secured one of
Australia’s largest-ever tax deals for the West Australian government
and made an additional $40-60m out of that over ten years. His known
assets include a $20 million house in Vaucluse, several farms including
a $10 million horse stud and one near Oberon boasting Australia’s
largest private garden. Garrick also scored about $40 million from his
London investment bank last year, and he owns 51% of Orlani group which
has around $250m in industrial and commercial office parks around
Sydney. He’s also building a $120 million hotel in London. The ex-wife
let him off lightly when she settled for the Mosman mansion in the
1990s divorce.

Roger Davies: The richest man in the
Australian music industry who has managed the likes of Cher, Tina
Turner, Joe Cocker, Sade and Pink. His first big earner was Sherbert
but Cher’s never-ending farewell tour alone would have made him a
wealthy man based on the usual 20% management fee.

Mike Fitzpatrick:
The Fin Review’s
John Durie pointed out on Saturday that the Rhodes Scholar, AFL
commissioner and former Carlton Premiership captain will collect about
$75 million for the second half of his stake in infrastructure group
Hastings Funds Management on 1 July. The first half was sold for $36
million three years ago. Staff and the taxman will get a slice, but
Mike was earning $600,000 a year at CS First Boston way back in 1992,
plus there’s the $10 million profit on his Pacific Hydro shares and all
those lucrative Hastings management fees.

Tony Berg: Did
19 years with Macquarie Bank, the last nine as managing director before
he took the top job at Boral, but failed to deliver. However, with an
estimated $80 million with Grange Securities, the lad clearly made
plenty from his Macquarie days and is still in the money with a
portfolio of board interests, including a five-year stint with venture
capital firm Gresham Partners.