It’s only taken a year, but the changes wrought when Max Uechtritz took over Nine Network’s Sydney newsroom are being unwound.

Among the small group of job losses late last week was one in the Sydney newsroom where the EP of the Sydney 6pm News, Anthony Flannery, was moved and replaced by the man he replaced a year ago.

Graham Thurston, who has been “warehoused” on Business Sunday for the past year, is returning to run the day-to-day operational side of the 6pm News, which has lost every week this year to Seven, and most, if not all nights (week nights especially). Anthony Flannery has been moved to the Today Show. No news on who will be the new overseer of Business Sunday (which is in turn overseen by John Lyons, EP of Sunday).

Tony Ritchie, who returned to Nine from Seven three weeks ago, will have “control” of the 6pm News.

Where that leaves Max Uechtritz is a source of speculation at Nine.

Former CEO, David Gyngell, supported the Thurston/Flannery switch last year, as he did that other controversial move by Uechtritz, the replacement of Jim Waley with Mark Ferguson.

Now that Sam Chisholm is back at Nine the changes are happening, including the Thurston appointment. Chisholm expressed surprise that Thurston had been punted to Business Sunday. The continuing weakness in the Sydney 6pm News on weeknights meant it was only a matter of time before he was returned to the newsroom.