The breathalyser blues just won’t go away for WA opposition leader Matt Birney.

“Birney’s Lib colleagues confirm red wine and more beer: Why didn’t he just tell the truth?” screamed The Sunday Times’ s headline yesterday. The text matched:

Would-be premier Matt Birney has misled the public over how much he drank before driving home and then blowing 0.06 in a breath test.

He blew the reading in a preliminary test outside his Manning home on Wednesday last week, but was under the 0.05 limit in a second test after he was taken to Kensington police station.

But the opposition leader’s economy with the truth became the issue this week, rather than his blood-alcohol reading.

Mr Birney first said he had a couple of light beers with a couple of journalists and deputy opposition leader Paul Omodei. Then he said three or four light beers.

Twice he denied that he had drunk red wine. Then he couldn’t remember…

Things might be messy, but Matt may just have to soak it up. At the end of the yarn came these pars:

Police Minister Michelle Roberts came under fire from Mr Birney and other Liberals this week after she revealed Mr Birney’s second breath test reading of 0.047, which was calculated back to 0.038, on a radio program.

The opposition claimed she had broken the law by releasing his personal details and threatened to take the issue to the Corruption and Crime Commission.

There’s a school of thought in the West that says that Labor is hitting Birney so hard because if it doesn’t knock him out now, Labor will be the ones who’ll have sore heads in the morning.