There are rumours at Nine this morning that three senior executives will get their pink slips around lunchtime today. Lots of names have been mentioned, and it’s thought there could very well be a couple of people going from programming areas, with Nine short of lifestyle and light entertainment product.

One of the jobs to be lost could be from the newsroom. Sources say it’s more a strategic slicing rather than an all-out assault on staff numbers. The decision will reflect the continuing “de-Gyngellisation” of Nine that Sam Chisholm kicked off with program changes, staff moves, “lift your game” edicts to leading executives and scheduling switches.

It won’t be anything like the last time Sam Chisholm cut staff at Nine. In 1990, when he turned 50, there was a party on the third floor at Nine in Willoughby in Sydney. A crane was employed to lift Chisholm’s birthday present, a Harley Davidson motorbike, into the party in the boardroom on the third floor, while down below, pink slips were being handed out to 60 employees.