By our own Deep Throat, Stephen Faine

ABC Melbourne morning host Jon Faine takes off on four weeks leave today and I’m packing death about filling in for the lad next week, before the batton is passed to Gerard Whately, Virginia Haussegger and then Tracey Curro.

Despite croaking away with a throat infection for the past week, there’s no turning back now from the 17.5 hours of live radio that beckons from Monday morning. If you stumble across a great story between 8:30am and midday next week, ring it through to the producers on 1300 222 774. Alternatively, you could SMS the Faine impersonator directly in the studio on 19 774 774.

Here are just some of the topics that are on the radar for next week and these don’t include the many news stories that will doubtless be covered:

Noeline Brown’s autobiography
The new book Affluenza
Peter Cundall from Gardening Australia
Cooking with Gabrielle Gate
IT advice with Peter Moon from the Fin Review
New films and what’s happening on television
The history of Aboriginal Victorians

Meanwhile, I’m giving a major speech to 1,500 people on Sunday at the annual Communities in Control conference. Crikey’s topic is “Getting Caught in the Media Trap: Why Good Governance and Honesty is Always the Best Policy.”

What are the best examples of lying not working and are there examples where lying did work? We probably still don’t know about many examples of the latter. All suggestions on what to say to [email protected], along with your story ideas and tips for next week’s terrifying radio gig.