Nice item in today’s Australian Media section which neatly exposes a piece of favouritism, verging on nepotism, at ACP’s newest magazine, Madison:

“Public relations director for The Arc Factory, Jane
McFadden, must have been thrilled with her double-page spread in the
June issue of ACP title Madison. She featured as a successful
27-year-old career woman in a piece titled “Secrets of Their Success”.
“Flying to New York to work on a campaign with Donald Trump and singing
with Kylie Minogue (who we were meant to be having a meeting with about
the rebranding of (lingerie line) Love Kylie!) would have to be career
highlights,” she gushed. What Madison kept a secret was that McFadden
is the sister of editor Paula Joye. It must be so nice to help out your

So what will overall boss, Pat Ingram do with this little piece of
news, given that it breaches the nepotism policy enunciated by CEO John
Alexander back in 2002, when as head of PBL media he issued a memo
warning about nepotism and family relationships and how staff
employment matters had to go through the official channels?