The fighting over last weekend’s Sydney’s High vs Grammar rugger brawl has spilled off the field and into the pages of Crikey. Today the dispute over what really happened continues:

A High parent writes:

I stand by my report. There are a number of factual errors in the Grammar team player’s emotional report (It was High third grade XV not second grade XV – High does not have the depth of rugby players to field a second grade team, sometimes using its 16As in this position); the High player in question was being disciplined by his coach for backchatting the coach not for fighting on the field. My main concern is that off-field individuals (a brother and a father) punched (from behind) and kicked a schoolboy player (in the head). As you know from the Sydney Morning Herald report, that family has been given a life-time ban from Grammar sporting fixtures. The real story in this minor game in one city competition is the role of parents in school competitions and the way that society is responding to this alarming situation.

And this off-the-record submission hit our inbox yesterday:

Thought I would comment on the rugger referee article… Your 16-year-old correspondent stated he played for the Grammar four XV. Given Grammar is not noted for its sports ability I thought that playing in the rugby fourths might indicate a likelihood your correspondent might also be in the debating team. From the article I would say Grammar might want to promote its sporting achievements. The boy’s article was so lacking in any convincing argument that I have no faith in the academic aptitude of the student. I quote the last paragraph: “This is as far as I eye-witnessed, but I can guarantee what was written in the previous issue about the fight in the stands is completely ludicrous and nowhere near the truth.” This guy will probably put his hand up to be a witness for Corby as well. Let’s see an updated report following next weekend’s match to see if the father who the SMH claims received a life ban, turns up.