By Crikey, Glenn Dyer really over-estimates the advantages of being a journalist when reading news.
There is no relationship between being a journalist and being a good
news-reader. There IS a definite relationship between having an
enquiring mind and a general suspicion of journalists and reading news
I have worked with a larger number of journalists since April 1967 and
wish I was more impressed with what they do. I have also worked and
observed a lot of news-readers who have no idea at all about what they
are doing. I can understand why they dress well – it must be a form of
displacement activity.
There is a very big art in doing anything, well.
I only wish my observations were the product of some bitterness on my
part, but, unfortunately they aren’t. Bit of a shame, really, because
I really do want to believe that people are chosen because they
actually do the job well.
I go to my dentist because he’s dedicated, qualified and professional.
I have no idea what he wears.