Celebrity agent Harry M Miller called Crikey from a taxi on his way to Sydney Airport this morning before catching a flight to Melbourne – not Bali – to give us his side of the stories running in this morning’s papers suggesting that he has signed up to manage the Corby family.

“Yes,” he told us, “we have had some approaches and conversations from various family members. However the Corby family are now in my opinion extremely well represented by two QCs from Western Australia. If they decide our services are needed we are happy to help, however they are very competent people and we’ll go with whatever wish their advice is.”

As for the Corbys and the way they have been portrayed, Harry was sympathetic – and scathing.

“I feel so sad for Schapelle and the whole family,” he told us. “The media management and information supply has been handled appallingly, and I agree with Mark Trowell QC that there are a lot of people who should zip up their lips.”

Asked what kind of services he and his company could provide for the Corbys, Miller said they would be “in management on behalf of the family to rationalise what is in fact a media frenzy.”