Outgoing Liberal Party President Shane Stone has always been an
interesting man, but Crikey can today reveal that he has been paid
hundreds of thousands in consultancy fees by Multiplex in recent years, which takes on
interesting complexion given the company’s current crisis.

Even more intriguing is the suggestion that out-going NSW Liberal Party president Christine McDiven
positioning herself to succeed Stone, although given that Michael Darby
recently beat her in a ballot to be a Federal Liberal delegate, the
popularity of this moderate in a right-controlled state is unclear.

McDiven is a former school
teacher who doesn’t have to work much these days because her husband
brings in a big salary in his role as a senior Multiplex executive,
based in Sydney. This raises an interesting question. Has McDiven’s husband been
involved in the decision to pay Stone a lucrative consultancy? If Stone
steps aside and McDiven gets the national presidency, will her husband
be involved in any decision to continue paying Stone?

Multiplex has always been a colourful company. Disgraced former NSW
detective Roger Rogerson recently travelled to Perth to try to settle
a dispute with a sub-contractor with John Roberts directly.
Unfortunately, he was in Europe at the time.

One of Multiplex’s Perth-based directors owns a pub with Kevin “Fatty”
Reynolds, the notorious CFMEU boss in WA, which some cynics suggest
might explain why Multiplex sites in Perth remain relatively peaceful.

Then you have Graham Richardson describing Roberts as “my only mate
with a quid” and the small role Multiplex played in the Marshall Islands
affair, when Richo’s best mate Greg Symons was assisted by the company
in some of his questionable migration schemes.

Grollo family executives were making some dark accusations against
Multiplex after all the tendering for the Sydney Olympics but a
promised yarn on 4 Corners never materialised, so we doubt there was any substance to it.