I am writing in regards to a piece I saw published a couple of days ago talking about the “dispute” at the High vs Grammar game last Saturday. Firstly, and very simply, it disgusted me. I am a 16-year-old boy in the Grammar team that was involved in this match, and in all honesty, that “piece” could not have possibly been further from what happened.

What was stated to have happened was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard and I am outraged that this was published. Here is my side of the story, and although readers may see this as just as biased as the story the High parent told, I promise the readers, this is exactly what happened as far as I know, and I know quite a bit since I was involved in the match.

One more thing before I recount what happened, I am in the Grammar 4th XV, and we were playing a much larger, team, in the High 2nd XV, an obviously unfair disadvantage.

The day started at 9:30am with both teams warming up on the same field. The first thing my team mates and I noticed was the blatent unprofessionalism shown by the coach of the High team. There he stood, with a cigarette in his mouth, looking a mess. At the time we thought very little of it. Once the game started, right from the outset, the High team was playing dirty, and easily the worst behaved team I have ever played against, or seen.

One player in particular was the High number 8, who we later discovered had been dropped from the High 1st XV for constantly starting fights. Throughout the game, he taunted us with racist comments, as well as throwing unseen punches in rucks, and groping testicles when the referee couldn’t see. We continued to put up with it, until he threw a blatently obvious and uncalled for punch on one of my team mates, no where near the ruck.

My team was outraged by this, but once again, the ref didn’t see it, and the player continued to remain on the field. The same kind of thing continued, until once again, at least 30 metres away from the ruck and the flow of play, the same player started a fight with one of my friends. As the situation was being defused, we all took a step away to continue the game, when the High boy hit my team mate, as he was turning to walk away, knocking him to the ground, and causing bleeding from his mouth.

The ref finally saw it, sending the High player off. This is as far as I eye-witnessed, but I can guarantee what was written in the previous issue about the fight in the stands is completely ludicrous and nowhere near the truth. The High number 8 was by far the worst/dirtiest player I have ever played against, witnessed or heard about, and he was a disgrace to the GPS, rugby, and his school. I was also disgusted by the lies reported in the previous issue.