Forget all the talk in some papers that today’s funeral service for
Graham Kennedy has united the warring Nine and Seven Networks. Nothing
could be further from the truth. Seven is in the driver’s seat and Nine
tagging along with its reputation taking a battering over its
parsimonious approach to Kennedy’s funeral.

This story in today’s Australian
claiming that the funeral has led to a truce between Seven and Nine is of
way off the mark. It’s now come to light that Nine flatly rejected
an approach from Tony Sattler (one of Kennedy’s carers and close
friends) to cover the funeral. Nine management rejected the offer on
the grounds it would be too expensive, with chief operating officer,
Ian Audsley, playing a role.

That was the first knock back. Sattler then rang Sam Chisholm, who was
close to Kennedy when they both worked at Nine. Chisholm rejected this
approach out of hand, and in a fashion that left a bad taste in Sattler’s
mouth. Chisholm told Sattler that he was supporting Audsley’s decision
and said that with so many cameras there, the pictures would be free.

Nine now claims it will be “covering” the service. And it will, by
taking the Seven feed.

Claims by a “Nine source” in TheSydney Morning Herald
today that Nine always planned to cover the funeral with Seven are
self-serving nonsense, along with the claim that Nine was not offered
the first crack at the coverage.

When all the dust has settled from the death of Kennedy and its
aftermath, there will be three victims, Nine, Sam Chisholm, and of
course the very foolish Derryn Hinch who attempted to say sorry but
completely muffed his chance on 3AW yesterday.