Liberals are nice and polite middle class people who don’t like using
the f-word – factions. Let’s indulge them. The results of heavily – and
publicly – contested New South Wales Liberal state executive elections
are in. How do the different divisions of the party stack up?

Out of a possible 19 spots, the right has 13, the moderates have five –
including opposition leader John Brogden – and the president is
non-aligned. Things break down something along this way:

State President – Geoff Selig (Independent)

Urban Vice President – Nick Campbell (Right)

Country Vice President – Scot MacDonald (Right)

Female Vice President – Rhondda Vanzella (Independent right)

Urban Representatives – Jeff Egan (Right), Marie Ficarra (Right),
Hollie Nolan (Right), Michael Photios (Moderate), Jai Rowell (Right),
Jennifer Scott (Moderate), Sam Witheridge (Moderate)

Country Representatives – Helen Glachan (Right), Martin Laverty (Moderate), Peter Phelps (Right)

Federal Parliamentary Leader’s Representative – Senator Bill Heffernan (Right)

State Parliamentary Leader – John Brogden (Moderate)

Women’s Council President – Helen Wayland (Right)

Young Liberal President – Natasha McClaren (Right)

Federal Young Liberal President – Alex Hawke (Right)

A state election is less than two years ago. The internal election has
been enough of a strain on the NSW Libs. Anything could happen between
now and then, with a rampaging right out to cement its grip on the

NSW remains the only state or territory where the Liberals have a
serious shot of regaining power. The prime minister is said to be
concerned about the jihadists who are dominating the local party.
Former state president and centrist Chris McDiven is tipped to take
over as the party’s federal president – and, it is hoped, a moderating
influence on her own division.

Life will indeed be interesting in the Liberal camp for the next 12 months or so.