The situation was appalling. A Grammar player threw a punch at a High
player on the field. The High player threw one back and knocked the
Grammar player out. Grammar carried off to sin bin. High sent off to
sin bin. While High in the sin bin, a group of Grammar boys, the father
and older brother of the knocked-out Grammar player, surrounded the
High boy in sin bin. Older brother hit him from behind knocking him to
the ground. The father kicked him in the head. People intervened. The
father scampered off and left the field.

Behaviour such as this on the sidelines by parents and other family
members should not be tolerated. We must be able to ensure the safety
of boys playing school sports. Punching on the field should also not be
tolerated and the two boys were punished by being sent off the field.

How do we punish the parents? What sort of example is this to the boys?