Seven tried something a bit different last night – a new sketch comedy from 8:30pm. And viewers were not amused, staying instead with the tried and true CSI, as well as Big Brother and yet another Da Vinci Code special.

It wasn’t a good night for Seven. The final episode of My Restaurant Rules fizzed with only 1.117 million viewers. The sketch comedy experiment at 8:30pm, Let Loose Live, attracted only 979,000 people and was beaten by the program which followed it at 9:40pm, Billy Connolly’s World Tour of New Zealand.

Viewers were also unimpressed by Nine’s Celebrity Circus, which attracted just 1.18 million viewers and is dying slowly. It was even beaten by Australian Guinness Book of Records on Seven with 1.4 million people.

Nine News
was the top program of the night with 1.827 million. 60 Minutes did well with 1.694 million and was third after the new episode of CSI with 1.8 million viewers. Nine won the night with a share of 32% to Seven with 24.1%, Ten with 22.6%, the ABC with a high 16.1% and SBS with 4.6%