Glenn Dyer makes a good point in Crikey about the ACCC, Qantas and British Airways. Let me share a recent experience.

late March an old and dear friend of mine died suddenly in London. As
soon as I heard from her son, I rang Qantas to book a flight to London
for the next day – it could only guarantee me an economy fare of some
$2,000 plus, so I bought it one way not planning to come back by way of
London. At Sydney Airport when I checked in, a very nice woman pointed
out to me that I could well have difficulties with the Poms if I didn’t
have a return ticket. Knowing that she was absolutely right, having had
difficulties with the loathsome little b*stards who staff the
immigration counter at Heathrow in the past, I bought a single return
fare London-Sydney, which to my shock cost $6,000 economy, but without
conditions, therefore cancellable.

The Qantas leg,
Sydney-Bangkok, was OK. The BA leg, Bangkok-London, was execrable. I
will never travel BA again. After London, I went on to Paris in the
comfort of Eurail – though I discovered that to travel first class by
the Chunnel in the London-Paris direction is a waste of money, since
they must have sub-contracted the catering to BA.

When I had to
come home, I picked, almost at random, the Malaysian Airlines office
near the Opera and bought, for immediate use the next day and without
conditions, a business class single fare Paris to Sydney via KL for
$3,800 – a saving of $2,200 on the economy “Kangaroo” route fare, and
came back in great comfort at as near to first class standard as I have
enjoyed for years.

The ACCC ought to have another look at the kangaroo route. It is ripping off economy passengers unmercifully.