It’s time to reopen the debate about whether rugby league referees are placing to much reliance on video referees to decide whether or not tries have been scored. And there is a second aspect to this issue that needs to be considered, and to look at the impact of the “third umpire” on cricket in doing so.

I’e noticed in recent years the standard of cricket umpires has deteriorated. It was especially evident last summer in both the Test and one-day matches. That is despite cricket authorities spending more than ever on training, and employing umpires in a full time professional capacity. The intrusion of the third umpire in cricket dismissals has had the same effect on umpiring standards as the intrusion, and that’s putting it mildly, of the video referee in rugby league. And that was very evident in several NRL premiership matches over the weekend.

I saw no fewer than half a dozen instances where it took almost an eternity for the video referee to make a decision on a try. In one case, I timed it at FOUR minutes… and even then doubt remains as to whether the video referee got it right!

And it’s even worse when, after looking at every angle the latest technology can offer, the video ref puts up the “refs call” sign… talking about shafting your mates. Or is it a case of “hanging your rival out to dry?”

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