What is it about the Andrew Landeryou/Melbourne University Student Union imbroglio that seems to lead to journalistic confusions? We’ve had several cases of people confusing Darren Ray (sometime mayor of Port Phillip and no known connection to Landeryou or MUSU) with Darren Ray, ex-president of the union and unsuccessful candidate for Banyule council. And last week we had the Financial Review referring to “Dan” Cass as one of the people accused of being involved in the companies that received favourable contracts from the union.

This is ironic – Dan Cass was slightly involved in Landeryou’s dismissal as president of MUSU way back in 1991, making him an unlikely person to be in partnership with the man. They probably meant Ben Cass, another ex-president of the same faction as Landeryou. For journalists in any doubt, Dan is in charge of Greenpeace’s media unit and a former staffer for the Greens, while Ben is an ALP factional hack and co-founder of several companies with Landeryou. Any resemblance between them is purely non-existent.