How long can we continue to produce five new names a day for the Crikey Revised Wealth (CRW) list? This is our seventh batch of five names of people who should have been on the BRW Rich List, bringing the total to 35 so far and heading towards 50.

George Cheihk: Des Houghton reported in The Courier Mail on Saturday that this developer has acquired $160 million worth of land in Ripley, the area near Ipswich that the Beattie Government has earmarked for massive new development. Check out the website for his Q.L.D Group and a photo of the missing Rich Lister here.

Jac Nasser: The former Ford CEO was sacked in 2001 with a final payout of almost $35 million after many years of multi-million dollar salary packages. The guy jokes about moving the Toorak property market if he ever started looking, so he acts like a seriously wealthy individual. A turnaround story at Polaroid, which he chaired until a recent sale, has also delivered a profit of about $20 million.

Nicholas Moore: Anyone who’s paid $18.22 million in one year is seriously rich, and Macquarie Bank’s investment banking boss has been raking in the huge dollars for well over a decade. The lad has made more than $15 million on his Macquarie Bank options and shares and even satellite investments such as his 600,000 units in Hills Motorway have delivered a profit of $8 million.

Peter Hofbauer:
The head of Babcock & Brown’s Australian infrastructure business is the proud owner of 7.4 million shares which are worth $86.2 million based on Friday’s close of $11.65. He’s also $2.66 million in front on the 400,000 options he was issued at just $5 a pop last year. Then you have a tasty $4.65 million salary package last year and the fact he’s been pulling big bucks from B&B ever since he joined way back in 1989. Guys likes this are potentially worth $200 million if they’ve wisely invested their money over the years.

James Wolfensohn: The out-going World Bank president may not be an Australian citizen any more, but he’s an Australian who started his stockbroking and investment banking career here so his $400 million net worth should be included on any Rich List.

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