Mike Seccombe analyses in today’s SMH what happens to bureaucrats lately who depart from the time-honored public service tradition of being apolitical, impartial, accountable. They are rewarded: “When getting punished means getting a promotion.”

The latest shocking relevations leeching out of the Immigration department further highlight this weird trend.

It might be time to look at the Remuneration Tribunal which sets the salary (and performance parameters) for federal public servants, particularly in the light of the Bill Farmer mea culpa before Senate Estimates yesterday.

Is this not a self evident example of performance standards not being met? Ought not those responsible for the debacle within DIMIA over unlawful detention be clearing their desks, departing the public service and leaving behind redundancy payments beyond their superannuation and leave entitlements?

When citizens can be kicked out of their own country because they don’t fit within acceptable definitions; when infants are allowed to be incarcerated because it’s summarily concluded that its parents are alien undesirables, there is a cancer that has taken hold of our elected masters and their agencies.

So where does the buck stop? Suggestions, please, to [email protected]